This is my second favorite restaurant in Boston so far. (The first one’s review is on the way —I’m saving the best one for last!) Russell House Tavern was a recommendation by another friend. Everything I ate tasted so delicious that even though I was full, I could have eaten a whole other round of each! The first time we went there was last Friday for dinner. We ordered a couple of things, all to share —Fried Seafood Pizza (one of the specials of the day), Sonya Rose Lobster Sliders, Jonah Crab Cakes and Island Creek Oysters. Every single one of them was perfect!! I could eat the Lobster Sliders every day! The spices and the taste of the butter with the lobster is so good that I can’t even explain it —you just have to eat it and see for yourselves.

We went there for lunch two days later and ordered the Lobster Sliders once more with the R. House Grass Fed Burger. The Sliders are actually only served for dinner but the waiter was kind enough to do us a favor.

This restaurant is a 10 out of 10 for me.

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