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The Best Burger I’ve Ever Had

Having lived in NYC for the last two years, I always thought you could find the best burgers there (Soho Park was my favorite). I honestly didn’t expect that a burger place in Oman could be at the top of my list —you have to agree, it’s quite random!

b + f Roadside Diner was perfect!! The first time we went there, we had the Classic Burger, the Ultimate Monster and the Dynamite. The second time we went to the diner (and that’s when I took the photos), we again had the Classic and the Ultimate Monster, but instead of the dynamite, we tried the Ribeye burger. You have a choice of having a regular sized burger or 2 sliders—we went for the slider option to try different choices. All of them were delicious, but the Ultimate Monster (which is both my husband’s and my favorite) was honestly the best burger I ever ate! It’s juicy, not too greasy, the sauce tastes perfect —it’s everything you’d want in a burger.

Here’s the photo of the Ultimate Monster:

If you ever go to Muscat, be sure to go here and taste the burgers!

Jul 15, 2012 1:07 pm

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